TAZZETTI - 100 years of business history - Refrigerants and Specialty Gases

Our story begins in 1909. An adventure that has coincided with the development of our group during a century of Italian and sometimes world history.
Tazzetti’s spirit cannot be described in just a few words. A spirit based on respect, trust, openness, and passion that has developed over 100 years and has served as the foundation for our philosophy.
An industrial experience lived by generations of people who have believed in an idea, developed a business, and grown with their partners and clients with faith and dedication. Over our 100 years of industrial history, people who have worked in our group have always been inspired by scientific research, technological development, applications in the broad industrial world, as well as sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions. A lifelong passion that is part of our culture.
A cultural heritage that keeps guiding our work.
Tazzetti first started out in the industrial chemistry sector, then it specialised in refrigerants and speciality gases, and later in environmental technologies and services. Today, we are a leading-edge group that aims at improving the world in which companies, organisations, and people work and live in.
An exciting journey that has helped us reach important milestones in major industrial sectors that have characterised our time, and achieve goals that seemed unattainable.
Our cultural heritage helps us provide our clients and partners with long-lasting results. And this has been the foundation of our corporate strategy for a century.
Today, the people who collaborate with Tazzetti share our passion, values, and ideas that keep the organisation together across the ages. And now we’re ready for the future. No time for stopping. Our story continues