TAZZETTI - 100 years of business history - Refrigerants and Specialty Gases

Our story begins in 1909.
An adventure that has seen our group grow over one century of Italian and, in some cases, world history. The Tazzetti spirit cannot be summed up in a few words. Developed over more than 100 years, this spirit is at the basis of the group’s philosophy and is marked by respect, trust, openness and passion for the company’s work. A history of business shared by generations of people who have been able to believe in an idea, develop a business, grow together with partners and customers, all of which with indefatigable commitment and faith.
Throughout our more than 100 years of business history, all those who have worked as part of our group have been continuously inspired by scientific research and the development of technologies ranging from those applied within the industry’s vast world to solutions dedicated to sustainability and environment preservation. A passion that lasts a lifetime. A passion that is part of our culture. A cultural heritage of values that continues to guide our work.
Tazzetti grew at first in the industrial chemistry sector, then in the refrigerants and specialty gases sectors, and then continued to grow in the environmental services and technologies sector, until becoming a leading group with the ambition to further develop the way in which businesses, organizations and people work and live their life. A fascinating industrial journey which has led to achieving important successes in the most significant industrial sectors of our times, contributing to fulfilling goals which previously seemed beyond reach. A cultural heritage that allows us to offer our customers and partners results which last over time and have been the basis of our business strategy for more than a century.
Today, the individuals that work with Tazzetti share that passion, those values regarding the organization and the ideas which help an enterprise stick together through good and bad times.
We have no intention to stop right now, and are ready for what the future brings. Our story continues.