Since 1909 a century of innovation and technology

Tazzetti is an international group specialising in refrigerants and speciality gases and environmental technologies and services. The group has a long tradition in research and has combined experience with continuous innovation, developing solutions and advanced technologies for the industry

Our investments in technical and organisational know-how and the development of hi-tech and high-capacity systems have allowed us to achieve high levels of flexibility and effectiveness. Tazzetti is committed to sustainable development and high quality standards. It offers a wide range of high-performance products and services for a variety of industries, such as air conditioning, refrigeration, automotive, food and pharmaceuticals. The group has a strong presence in Europe and significant importance on international markets. Our international sales and distribution network allows us to operate in over 55 countries and meet every customer requirement.

Today, we continue to grow steadily and ensure responsible management. We are committed to bringing benefits to our clients and help improve the quality of life.