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This document contains the Terms and Conditions of Use of the proprietary website of Tazzetti S.p.A. ("Tazzetti") with registered office in Corso Europa, 600/A, 10088 Volpiano (TURIN), VAT No. 08997550010, conditions which subjects browsing the pages of said website are required to comply with. Access to Tazzetti's website, surfing of the same and, anyhow, any action entailing browsing the pages of the website imply unreserved acceptance of the Terms and Conditions specified below. In order to inform users of the website about its Terms and Conditions, a dedicated link on the home page and on other pages of the website provide access to this document. If the user has no intention of accepting the Terms and Conditions specified in this document, it will suffice for him/her to abstain from browsing this website.

Author's Rights and Copyright Policy

The contents of the website are the intellectual property of Tazzetti and are, as such, protected by Author's Rights and by Copyright©. All rights reserved. All the contents (texts, presentations, technical fact sheets, images, graphs, audio files, videos, animations) cannot be, either totally or partly, copied, reproduced, transferred, downloaded, stored, published or distributed in any form without the prior written consent of Tazzetti, which reserves the proprietary rights and intellectual property of all documentation that can be downloaded from the website. Users of the website may download or print, either entirely or partly, the material contained on this website only for personal and non-commercial use, undertaking not to edit, delete or alter, in any way, the contents that are subjected to author's rights and other laws in force on the protection of intellectual property. Every improper and/or unauthorised use, and misappropriation of either part or all contents of the Tazzetti website shall be deemed as illegal, pursuant to enforced regulations, including the regulation on unfair competition and Law No. 633 of 1941 entitled “Protection of author's rights and other rights related to exertion of the same.”

Global Availability of Products and Services

Some information on products, illustrations and images contained on this website may be prepared for general use on Tazzetti websites in various countries throughout the world. The information contained on this website shall apply to Tazzetti Italia users and might not apply in other countries. Hence, the Tazzetti website might contain information on products and services that are still not available in the user's country, or which might be available only with different specifications or configurations in order to meet the demand of the local market or the local regulations of those countries. Entering said information on the website shall neither be considered as a binding offer nor shall it be intended to communicate availability of the product anywhere in the world. Moreover, the products or services that are the object of this website might be subjected to different regulations, depending on the country. Tazzetti does not guarantee that the information contained on this website applies even outside Italy and, particularly, that the products and services will be available with the same external appearance, format and conditions. The products mentioned on this website might have different packages, different package dimensions or wordings and different markings, depending on the country. The user undertakes to comply with all applicable laws regarding the transmission of data exported from the country of residence. If this website is visited from a country other than Italy or if information is downloaded from a country other than Italy, please note that the user shall be responsible for ensuring that this mode of action complies with the enforced local legislation. The type of products and services published on the Tazzetti website and their availability may change at any time without entailing any liability on the part of Tazzetti towards the user. No content of the website shall be considered as either a promotional message or an advertisement of a service that is not authorised in the country concerned. The user may contact the head office or the local agent for more information on the future plans for products and services that are still not available.


1. The Tazzetti website is linked to third party websites

Links (hypertext links) present on the Tazzetti website might direct the user's search to other websites that either belong to or are activated by third parties. In this case, Tazzetti shall not be liable for the contents published on said websites and for potential third party use in terms of any damage caused by access to said websites, by interconnection with the same and by downloading their content. The link with other websites does not imply that Tazzetti sponsors and/or approves said websites, or the products and services contained therein.

2. Third party websites linked to the Tazzetti website

To enter links to Tazzetti's website on your website, compliance with the procedure described below is required:
• send written notice to Tazzetti at the following e-mail address marketing [at] tazzetti [dot] com, communicating: identification details of the person responsible for technical issues regarding the management of links (including e-mail address, telephone number), the details of the requesting company, the address of the website on which the link to the Tazzetti home page will be created and any other useful information to obtain the authorisation to publish the same on the part of Tazzetti; changes regarding publication of the link (deletion, editing or other) shall also be reported to the same address.
• the link the requesting party plans on publishing on his/her website shall not generate in the user any confusion about proprietorship of the website, activities carried out by the subject who inserts the link and those offered by the portal.
• the link shall ensure a direct connection to Tazzetti's home page.
• if, within 10 days after the request, Tazzetti has not refused publication of the link, the user/requesting party shall consider this as an authorisation to publish the same.
• when authorised by Tazzetti, the creation of a link to the website shall provide a temporary, non-exclusive and non-transferable authorisation to use the name or the logo that will be indicated from time to time in the authorisation for the sole purpose of creating a link to Tazzetti's website.

In any case, it is forbidden, without the prior written authorisation of Tazzetti, to create links to the home page or to website pages and/or accessory pages of Tazzetti's website, in practice by creating a “deep link” (operation that allows to place in one website page a link to a page of another website), or to link up to or present the content of the website inside another website (“framing”). Violation of the above represents a conduct that can be pursued in compliance with enforced regulations on the subject. Tazzetti has, anyhow, the right to request removal of the link at any time, at its complete discretion. In this case, the user/requesting party shall remove the same within and not after 10 days from the date of the request.

Liability for Personal Accounts

If Tazzetti provides the user of the website with a username and password to access a reserved area, the user shall take note that he/she is liable for maintaining the confidentiality of said data, which shall not be transferred or used by third parties. The user also undertakes to immediately inform Tazzetti in case of failure or unauthorised use of his/her username and/or password. In any case, Tazzetti shall not be deemed liable for any damage resulting and/or associated with failure to comply with said obligations. The user undertakes, in any case, to provide complete, truthful and correct information, and to maintain it updated for the entire validity period of his/her personal account.

Limitation of Liability

By accessing Tazzetti's website the user takes note of the fact that its every use is at his/her own risk and peril. In particular, the user undertakes to accept the risk of any and every loss of data, impossibility to use and repair costs of computer equipment and systems and application software used to access and use the website, regarding which Tazzetti does not provide any guarantee. Tazzetti shall not be deemed as liable for direct, indirect, specific or general damage of any nature whatsoever, regardless of the fact that Tazzetti was aware or not of the possibility that said damage might be produced in association with the use of this website, with the exception of binding legal provisions. If some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of implicit guarantees, the above information shall not apply to said jurisdictions.

Exclusion of Warrantee

Tazzetti has completed the contents provided on this website by internal and external sources, making the most of its professional expertise. Information contained on this website is provided in good faith for the purpose of disseminating information. Tazzetti expands and updates the contents on an ongoing basis. Information contained in sections of the website is only provided for the purpose of presenting Tazzetti products and services. However, no description is provided or guarantee is given, either explicitly or tacitly, about the completeness and accuracy of information contained on this website. Tazzetti does not guarantee, in any way, that the information contained on the website is accurate, complete and updated, and that it is void of errors or that any errors will be corrected. The user accepts all the risks that might result from relying on said information. Hence, we recommend checking any information obtained from this website prior to its use in any form.

Tazzetti reserves the right to correct, at its own discretion, any type of error or omission contained in any section of its website. Tazzetti may implement any change to the website, materials, products, programmes, services or prices described on the Tazzetti website at any time without forewarning.


When browsing Tazzetti's website no right or licence is acquired regarding the website and/or its contents, besides the legal use expressly envisaged by the legal conditions specified above. Beyond the explicit statements contained in said regulation, it is forbidden to copy, reproduce, transform, recompile, break down, distribute, publish, edit, transmit, reprocess or, in any other way, exploit any part of the website for personal benefit.

Besides, it is forbidden to either sell or distribute any content or any part of the website through other media (including television, radio or computer). The website and information contained in it shall not be used to create any type of database; moreover, the website (in its entirety or any part of it) shall not be stored in a database that is accessible to third parties.

Logos and Commercial Brands

The logo and commercial brands that appear on this website are the property of Tazzetti. They shall not be used on any website other than Tazzetti's website, or used in any other way without the prior written consent of Tazzetti. The name of Tazzetti and any brand that includes the Tazzetti logo shall not be used as the Web addresses of other websites, or as parts of said addresses, without the prior consent of Tazzetti. Every use of the logo and of proprietary brands of Tazzetti shall only entail the use of graphic elements approved by Tazzetti. Moreover, it is especially forbidden to:
• delete, distort or alter, in any way and/or in any form, even one element of the logo or of the commercial brands outside the criteria defined by Tazzetti
• copy or imitate the “trade dress” (graphics) of Tazzetti, including the proprietary graphic appearance of Tazzetti's website design or the presentation of the logo or colour combinations, typographic elements, graphic designs, product icons or images distinctively associated with Tazzetti
• adopt logos, brands and slogans that might be confused with Tazzetti's logo
• register the logo as a second level dominion name
• display Tazzetti's logo on any media, whether electronic, hardcopy or other, in a prominent position or, however, in order to deceptively induce one to believe in an existing partnership or affiliation with Tazzetti, or a sponsorship or approval on the part of Tazzetti, or again to falsely generate the opinion that the contents of the page have been created by Tazzetti
• include Tazzetti's logo in the names of other products, services, brands, logos or companies


Tazzetti reserves the right to edit or delete, at any time and at its own discretion, the contents or technical specifications regarding any feature of the website. Said changes might prevent the user from temporarily accessing the website. Tazzetti also reserves the right to interrupt, either temporarily or finally, the publication of the website, even only in certain countries or geographical areas, and to differentiate the contents of the website based on the language in which it is published and the language of reference areas.

Local Laws - Exportations

Tazzetti does not ensure that the website and its contents are appropriate for use or are allowed in all jurisdictions. Those who access the website do so by their own free will and are, therefore, liable for compliance with the law and local regulations, including regulations on imports and exports. In case of doubt, the user is recommended to seek legal advice.

Tazzetti's website has been designed in compliance with the directives and regulations of the European Union. Access to the website might not be legal for some people or in certain countries outside the European Union. By accessing the website from a country outside the European Union, the user accepts risks and liabilities, if any. Tazzetti shall not be considered as liable for the fact that the contents of website are accessible in countries where access to said contents is not allowed. Said changes might prevent the user from temporarily accessing the website. Those who access Tazzetti's website from other countries shall be directly responsible for compliance with the enforced local laws in that country

The Competent Law and Tribunal

This website is controlled and managed by Tazzetti in its head office in Italy. By accessing this website the user accepts Italian laws regarding the use of the same. These terms and conditions are regulated by Italian law and the parties are subjected to the sole jurisdiction of Italian law courts. The Turin Law Courts in Italy will have sole jurisdiction and competence for any controversies that might in any way be related to these Terms and Conditions. Regardless, Tazzetti reserves the right, if deemed necessary, to take legal action in the law courts of countries other than Italy, to defend its own interests and respect for its rights.


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