International Organization

With its three industrial sites and offices in Europe and its international sales and distribution network, Tazzetti operates in four continents, making its products and services available locally on the basis of the special needs for each market.

By integrating its operational capabilities with collaborations with specialized partners in the different territories of operation, Tazzetti is able to operate comprehensively and offer high-level services to its customers.

The group is oriented towards the highest degree of openness to diversity in cultures and systems, in order to continuously evolve and grow with the aim of reaching, getting to know and understanding every single customer so as to be able to offer the best available solution in regard to his needs.

Tazzetti’s sales and distribution activities are currently developing and constantly growing in more than 35 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and South America.
Thanks to its vast experience in logistics and international distribution, obtained also through collaboration agreements, the company is an ideal partner to meet the needs of the most diverse market realities.