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Over the years Tazzetti has consolidated important relations with leading groups operating in the food industry, with special focus on companies that manufacture, preserve and distribute:

  • meat and cold pork meats
  • fish, candies, ice creams and pastries in a broad sense
  • jams and preserves
  • milk, cheese and derivatives
  • fruit and vegetables
  • non-alcoholic drinks, mineral waters and fruit juices
  • beer, wine and sparkling wines.

Tazzetti offers its service and experience in the food sector both with products intended for use as refrigerant fluids for process phase refrigeration plants, and with products that are used as additives.


  • Refrigerant fluids
    R 32, REFRIX 134a, REFRIX 404A, REFRIX 407A, REFRIX 407C, REFRIX 410A, REFRIX 417B, REFRIX 507, REFRIX 290, REFRIX 600a
  • Heat transfer fluids
    monopropylene glycol


  • On-site recovery and reclamation, waste collection and management
    CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerant fluids; industrial gases including flammables and toxic products; HCFC, HFC extinguishing fluids; powder, foam or CO2 extinguishers; NH3 and SF6; lithium bromide solution.
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