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Tazzetti has developed environmental technologies and services by investing in the continuous innovation of processes and facilities and has acquired a significant degree of flexibility in project management. Thanks to a highly precise technical and logistics organization and a wide collection network, Tazzetti is a reliable partner capable of quickly meeting the needs of its customers.

The wide range of services offered to the needs of the industry includes the on-site recovery, collection and management of waste deriving from:

  • Refrigerant fluids
  • Industrial gases, including flammable and toxic gases
  • HCFC and HFC extinguishing fluids
  • Powder, foam or CO2 fire extinguishers
  • NH3 and SF6
  • Lithium bromide solution

By integrating its industrial services skills with the development of innovative technologies and its significant designing capabilities, Tazzetti is able to offer advanced solutions such as:

  • Applied research and development of processes and technologies
  • Process design, basic and detailed engineering
  • Plant design and installation
  • Performance based services and technology supply
  • Energy efficiency, efficiency and process safety optimization
  • Environmental and safety assessment of new processes and utilities production
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