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Tazzetti is internationally acknowledged as leader by major operators in the field of refrigeration.

Said high-ranking position has been achieved through careful management of logistic issues, which the company considers as crucial for a sector that counts both national and international operators.

Tazzetti proposes dedicated custom-made solutions based on a schedule that takes into acount client requirements by managing decommissioned products, and through delivery and collection services for containers to and from any site.

The company especially places at the disposal of clients a complete range of dedicated products and services for the refrigeration sector, besides offering an extensive choice of product packages.


  • Refrigerant fluids
    R 23, REFRIX 134a, REFRIX 404A, REFRIX 507, REFRIX 290, REFRIX 600a
  • Lubricants
  • Solvents


  • On-site recovery and reclamation, waste collection and management
    CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerant fluids; industrial gases including flammables and toxic products; HCFC, HFC extinguishing fluids; powder, foam or CO2 extinguishers; NH3 and SF6; lithium bromide solution
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