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Tazzetti has consolidated historical partnerships of the utmost importance with major installers and maintenance operators of air conditioning and refrigeration plants, and with leading companies specialised in Global Services and Facility Management for the largest industrial groups.

By developing a logistic organisation that has the capacity to meet the wide ranging market requirements, and having a distribution network that is structured to operate on all regulated territories, Tazzetti carries out a capillary service that is fine tuned with client requirements. Know-how on storage, distribution and high capacity plants enables the company to supply all types of refrigerant fluids and special gases in an extensive range of packages and with custom-made blends prepared according to client specifications.

Moreover, aware of the problems and demands of the sector, Tazzetti offers users the opportunity to make use of a customised recovery, collection and processing service for waste refrigerant fluids in the framework of either private or public assignments and tender contracts for which compliance with deadlines, established methods and objectives is now a priority.


  • Refrigerant fluids
    R 32, REFRIX 134a, REFRIX 404A, REFRIX 407A, REFRIX 407C, REFRIX 410A, REFRIX 417B, REFRIX 507, REFRIX 290, REFRIX 600a
  • Lubricants
  • Solvents


  • On-site recovery and reclamation, waste collection and management
    CFC, HCFC and HFC refrigerant fluids; industrial gases including flammables and toxic products; HCFC, HFC extinguishing fluids; powder, foam or CO2 extinguishers; NH3 and SF6; lithium bromide solution
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