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Tazzetti offers engineering companies special focus on technological development, special plant designs and integrated high performance industrial services.

Specifically, experience as supplier of industries that make use of and recover CFC, HCFC and HFC fluids, anhydrous ammonia and ammonia in solution, and liquefied compressed gases, enables Tazzetti to offer consultation services for the implementation of:

  • storage and distribution plants for liquefied compressed gases
  • plants designed to cut down emissions (NOx removal systems)
  • regeneration plants for refrigerant fluids
  • complete processing plants for decommisioned refrigerators and air conditioners
  • Stationary and mobile refrigerant fluid recovery plants.


  • Research and development of processes and technologies
  • Feasibility, basic engineering and detailed studies
  • Design and installation of plants for refrigerant fluids, anhydrous ammonia and ammonia in solution
  • High performance emission processing services and technologies.
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