Refrigerant Fluids | REFRIX 134a

The refrigerant REFRIX® 134a is an HFC with a not relevant ODP potential. It can be used both pure as well as with blends. It is considered as one of the principle replacement products for CFC and HCFC refrigerants. It can be used at medium and high temperatures. For its energy efficiency and refrigerating capacity, the refrigerant REFRIX 134a is considered as a possible alternative to the refrigerant R 12 in a wide range of applications.

ASHRAE designation and safety classification

R 134a - 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane
Safety group A1


  • Automotive
    for air conditioning plants in all new generation cars
  • Air conditioning
    - commercial and industrial
    air conditioning in public transport (passenger trains and buses)
  • Refrigeration
    - commercial and industrial
    refrigerated counters, cold rooms, centrifugal refrigeration systems, ice makers, refrigeration systems for the processing industry, chillers
    - domestic
    domestic refrigerators
  • Thermal hydraulics
    heat pumps
  • Refrigerated transports


  • PAG
    lubricant based on polyalkylen glycols mostly used by plant manufacturers specialized in the automotive sector
  • POE
    lubricant based on polyol esters mostly used by manufacturers of compressors

It is recommended to make reference to the plant manufacturer guidelines.
Availability and use allowed according to the applicable regulations  and eventual rights of third parts.